SR337 Where X Marks is

Wooden Slat Bag
Hand-made wooden bag, securing a canvas inner. A block of Poplar is cut into 17 slats before the edges are hand-softened with 5 custom-made sanding jigs and left to be sun- bleached. The hand-cut knobs on the water-bent Ash handle unscrew at one end to slide through the bars on a bike saddle. Produced in a Limited Edition of 10.
Circular Saw, Drill Press, Sandpaper, Jcut 1200 Lazer Engraver. 
Sewn on a Pfaff 1445, a Juki DDL 5550-6 modded for binding, and by Hand-held Needle.  
This uneven basket weave is 100% cotton and is produced in an Italian knitting mill, and stained with black Indian tea. The poplar timber is Canadian and the hessian twine, origins unknown, is dyed white.  
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